Hemp is Hope

The Hemp is Hope collection of apparel and lifestyle items from Eveland Boutique that directly impacts the medical cannabis community by providing CBD products to those in need. This program was started in 2018, by Tara Eveland, and continues today (May 2023)

About the Hemp is Hope Compassion Program at Eveland Boutique

A passion of mine is to provide pure CBD oil to individuals that are fighting a cancer diagnosis and cannot afford more out of pocket (non insurance covered) expenses. In my 22+ years involved in the cannabis community and movement, I have seen this plant help many take on the side effects of their chemo treatment. 

A portion of each months profit from this boutique goes directly to buying CBD oil for those people that need it but cannot afford it. Before Covid this directly provided over $2000 worth of CBD product to people in need, and we are excited to do it again 2023 and beyond!  Thank you for buying from Eveland Boutique!

To find out more about Hemp derived CBD products you can check out my Cannabis News and Education blog here.

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